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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cute, crafty creations for Christmas!

I just LOVE making gifts for my family and friends for Christmas! I've never been much of a shopper but I do enjoy going to local craft shows to get ideas of things I can make by either sewing, painting or iron-on transfers. Here are some ideas to make personalized gifts that your loved ones will never forget!

This first idea I got from one of my high school friend's moms who made it for her kids. What a GREAT way to reduce waste (wrapping paper) by making these huge, monogrammed Christmas cloth gift bags. Looks like Santa delivered them himself!

My family always enjoys the personalized calendars I make them each year with all the birthdays and anniversaries listed. I also make sure to get a family picture each year when we are all together so that I can include that picture as well. (I had to do a little photoshop work to put a missing family member in the picture but it worked!)

One year, I made different versions of these crosses for each of my friends. I picked out some scrapbooking paper that reminded me of them, some coordinating craft paint, some plain wooden crosses and got to work.

Sewing and iron-on transfers were a big part of these grandparent gifts I made a few years back.

Some sewing, shape cutters and lamination can get you a long way! Check out this padded photo book I made for my nieces.


Your family and friends will love you for it!

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