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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Busy Little Bee

I must apologize for such a delay in posting. Between wrapping up my end of the year classroom things and starting my position as Children's Ministry Assistant at our church, I have been quite a busy little bee!

As you know, I love nature! Planting and nurturing trees is one of my favorite hobbies and probably the reason my neighbors refer to me as "The Tree Lady." I was given this tree at the Haltom City Arbor Day Celebration. It is a beautiful Texas Ash and I can't wait to see its Fall color!

In May, my family and I FINALLY started our compost. I researched online and discovered how I could convert our old trash bin into a compost bin. My wonderful husband drilled holes and, wa-la!, we now have a compost bin. We are alternating layers of green matter and brown matter.

Our typical Green Matter consists of: Coffee grounds, tea bags, egg shells, apple cores, grape stems, orange peels, banana peels, broccoli stems, cauliflower stems, romaine lettuce stems, etc.
Our typical Brown Matter consists of: newspaper ripped into strips.
Once a week, I turn the compost bin on its side and roll it back and forth to mix up the green & brown matters. Adding worms is not a necessity but my daughters had a blast going down to the creek with daddy to dig for worms!

At the end of this nature filled day, we were able to appreciate yet another one of God's beautiful creations!

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