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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Recycle Every Day! - Composting

The second idea Wallace suggests in her book Recycle Every Day! is putting "all the leaves and weeds into the compost maker." In one of my previous posts, you will see that we started our own compost in our backyard this summer using an old plastic trash bin with a lid. It has worked fabulously. I love the fact that I am reducing the waste I send to the landfill and recycling matter back into the earth.

One thing I have been researching is getting a decorative kitchen composter that I can have out on my counter so I'm not stacking food waste in a bowl on my counter. I discovered a company in Fort Worth that sells eco-friendly products called "The Greener Good." I've also discovered a lot on Amazon.com as well. They have many different versions including those made from ceramic, stainless steel, bamboo, and plastic. So, a wide range of personal preference can be accomodated.

Some pictures of the kitchen composters that "The Greener Good" sells:

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~Henry David Thoreau

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